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My kiddos (8 and 5 years) loved The Adventures of Splash and Shelly! As a tired mom I could absolutely relate to the Octopus mommy in this story and my kids enjoyed laughing and learning along as we read. I appreciate that the family worked together using a calming technique to help better their family environment. Highly recommended!

-Connie D.

We love the first book in the Splash and Shelly series! It’s got a little bit of everything: humor, meditation, relatable familial insanity, aquatic education, bright colors!! Kids and parents will love it alike! Highly recommend!! - Jessica R.

 Fun read, teaches empathy!

This is a fun, educational, and sweet story. The kids love it! (And so do we, as parents!)

-Dan R.

We absolutely loved the first book of the series! The kids could relate to the story and remembered to use the technique to count to 10! We can’t wait for the next book!

 - Hank

This is a fantastic book! It speaks directly to my experience as an octopus mom. We’ll be using the count to 10 and try again method a lot in my household. Thank you Amy for a great read!
-J. Henry

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